7 Exercises to Build Strong Arms and Core

Here are some exercises to build strong arms and a strong core!


#1. Plank to Forearm Plank
~ Start in High Plank/ High Pushup Position.
~ Drop down to your right forearm, then to your left forearm. Come back up onto the right palm, then back up onto your left palm. Drop down to your left forearm (switching sides)

#2. Side Plank to Side Plank
~ Start in High Plank/ High Push up. Take your toes and feet together to touch.
~ Roll onto the outside edge of your right foot as you stretch your left arm up into the air. Rotate and proceed on other side.

#3. Mountain Climbers – down the centre
~ Start in High Plank/ High Pushup. Draw your right knee towards the chest. Step it back. Left knee in towards the chest. Step it back. (To make it harder Starting Hopping and not stepping)

#4. Mountain Climbers – knee to tricep
~ Same as above – draw you right knee towards your right tricep. Then Left Knee to Left Tricep. *See if you can get the knee above your elbow

#5. Hug to Half Boat
~ Come to seated. Hug your knees towards your chest. Pick your feet up off the mat. Inhale.
~ Straighten your legs and reach your arms along side you as you lower to hover the legs, shoulders and head up off the floor. Exhale.

#6. Reach for your toes
~ Come to lay on your back. Reach your legs up into the air, straighten your legs.
~ Take your arms and reach them to the ceiling. Draw your hands towards your feet as your shoulders and head pick up off the floor then lower down.

#7. Scissor Leg Drops
~ Come to lay only our back. Place your arms along side you, palms facing down. Lengthen both legs straight up into the air.
~ Keep your head and shoulders ON the floor. Lower your right leg to hover an inch off the floor then lengthen it back up. Lower your left leg to hover an inch off the floor, then lengthen it back up.

Take as many reps as you would like with a 10 second break in between exercises. Repeat 3 Times for best results!
Listen to your body! – Enjoy!


2 Minute Ab Work for Beginners

Here are some ab exercises for beginners. They do not have to be done in this order.

#1. Knee – to – Nose
~ Start in Table (on hands and knees) Stack your shoulders over your wrists, and hips over your knees.
~ Extend your right leg back behind you, level your hip down.
~ Inhale as you extend your leg back. Exhale draw your knee towards your nose.
More Challenging variation:
~ Extend your left arm out in front of you (opposite arm to leg)
~ Inhale as you extend your leg back and arm straight. Exhale as you draw your elbow towards you knee.
~ Switch Sides. Do at least 5 X per side.

#2. Standing Crunches
~ Come to stand. Take your feet hip distance apart.
~ Crunch up drawing your left elbow towards your right knee. Then switch sides. Do 1 Rep of 10. (5 X Per side)

#3. Seated Leg lifts
~ Come to seated. Lengthen your legs in front of you. Place your hands behind you for support.
~ Lift one leg an inch off the ground. Then switch. Engage Your Core. Do 1 Rep of 10. ( 5 X Per Side)

#4. Supported Boat Pose
~ Bend your knees. Grab the backs of your thighs. Lean back to engage your core and come onto your tip topes. Hold for 20 seconds.

#5. Splashing Water
~ Come onto your back. Lengthen your legs straight up. Lift your shoulders and head off the floor. Place your hands along side you and “splash the water”. Do 3 Reps of 10.

5 Reasons Why Yoga is for Everyone

You probably ask yourself why does everyone love yoga? Why does it seem so popular? Yoga is unlike anything else. It’s a loving, strengthening, healing, balancing, calming, powerful practice that’s for everyone. Regardless of your age, gender, size, shape and fitness level – yoga is for everybody and every body. Yoga doesn’t judge.


Here are my top 5 reasons why yoga is for every person

1. It’s the best way to connect to yourself.
I always say that Yoga is the study of yourself. You find out more about yourself each time you practice. Sometimes its something physical, other times its mental or spiritual. But the most amazing part is that you connect with your own self on a different level and learn self acceptance.

2. You can do yoga anywhere!
All you need is you and your breath. Don’t have a yoga mat? That’s okay! Just find a comfortable surface and start to flow, stretch and breathe. No equipment necessary. This is one of the reasons I love yoga.

3. Amazing Tool to gain strength, balance, flexibility and focus.
Yoga helps with everything. The physical body is put through poses that work and stretch every muscle. In yoga we can stretch our limits, challenge ourselves to new levels, and gain so much clarity.

4. Yoga relieves stress and its fun.
Yoga teaches us to bring our awareness to the breath. When we learn to take full inhales and exhales we calm the nervous system and alleviate stress. Not only does it help us while we practice, but also helps us when we step off our mat.

Yoga allows us to play. It lets out our inner child, challenges us, and allows us to laugh at ourselves. It’s a time where you can let yourself be free.

5. Yoga is life changing.
Beware. Honestly, because yoga will change your life for the better. Yoga has taught me to let go of what doesn’t serve me. It has helped me to cultivate inner peace. To always come back to my breath. To challenge myself, love a little deeper and have fun.

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3 Reasons Why Yoga IS a Workout


Sometimes I hear people say “what else can i do to work out” I say nothing! Yoga is the answer.  It’s all you need. People have this idea that yoga is just revolved around gentle stretches, chants, and meditation. That yoga will only make you flexible and that it can’t make you strong. To that I say join a Power Class, an advanced vinyasa flow; you step onto your mat for 5 minutes and you’re already sweating. Whether it be in a hot room or not, yoga is the perfect way to balance flexibility and strength, inner power and breath, and in some classes, cardio!

Have you ever watched an advanced practitioner? Their control throughout each pose, arm balance, inversion, flexibility and connection to the breath. It’s not easy. I’ve never taken a class where i’ve NOT had to take child’s pose. Yoga is a new form for everyone to discover what their body can do. As well as push the limits.

Here are 3 Reasons why I believe yoga IS the Perfect Workout.

1. Yoga is efficient, effective, and powerful. 

No need to lift weights or buy equipment. You have your own body weight! Taking a power class allows you to strengthen your muscles, build core strength, hold arm balances and many more. Yoga can also count as cardio. Try some sun salutations, vinyasa’s, picking up the pace and allowing the breath to flow with each movement and sequence. I guarantee you will burn more calories than you thought you would.

2. Yoga will help you lose weight, get in shape, and avoid injury. 

Practicing yoga changes your mind, it changes the way you see things and puts them in a different light. Yoga allows you to appreciate your body and love yourself all while giving you the best fuel possible. Practicing Yoga helps you find more awareness throughout the mind and body. Paying attention to any areas that may feel tight and checking in with how the body feels. Yoga puts you in a place where the body feels really good, and once you leave your mat you feel healthy and strong – a better you!

3. Yoga brings Variety, Happiness and Play to your Workout!

The coolest thing about yoga is that you can do it anywhere, and it can be different every single day. Feel you need to fire it up? Throw in some arm balances and inversions into your practice. Some Extra Chaturangas. Need to find balance? Throw in some poses balancing on 1 foot. Need the cardio? Sun salutations – keep the body moving.

I am so happy that i found yoga and feel very grateful that i am able to share it with everyone and have the ability to teach and inspire!  If you join me at one of my classes i promise you will leave with a pool of sweat. Feeling strong, happy and most importantly feeling really good.

I’m not saying quit everything else you do, but do know that Yoga can make you strong. As long as you dedicate yourself to practicing daily – i guarantee you will see a major improvement not only in your body, but in your mind.

10 Reasons To Go Upside Down Every Day


Going upside down may freak you out. But inversions are healthy! An Inversion is any pose where the head is below the heart. While you may immediately think of handstand, headstand, forearm balance etc , there are many other gentler variations and poses you can take. Downward Dog, Forward Fold, Legs up the wall and many more – these are inversions! Being upside down carries many health benefits. But first, do not do inversions if you have any injuries, high blood pressure etc. Please consult your Doctor first.

Here are 10 reasons why you should get upside down every day:

1. Increase Energy – ever feeling a little slump? Get Upside Down. Blood flows to the brain making you more alert!

2. Build Confidence – Try something new! Challenge yourself! Nothing is more rewarding then accomplishing something you thought you never could.

3. Body Awareness – Going upside down builds body awareness. You are aware of the mechanics and what every muscle feels like. We allow our sight to guide us as we develop a deeper awareness.

4. Strength – Finding Stability in oneself. Your arms become stronger, your more aware of your core, every muscle is working. Inversions allow you to find a different idea of strength, of balance and endurance – which are all essential in not only your practice, but your life.

5. Breath Control – Stress makes our breathing go very fast. When we are upside down, we need to control the breath. Every inhale and exhale is important – and inversions help you to come back to the breath!

6. Inversions are fun! – yes they are. Get over your fear. Bring out your inner child and play. Be light hearted and enjoy wherever your practice takes you.

7. Prevent Illness and Strengthen Immune System – going upside down releases toxins and build up of bacteria. You are moving everything in a different direction which helps for better circulation.

8. Reducing Anxiety – Hello, endorphins! Inversions may help stimulate the CSF Fluid that is the lifeblood of the central nervous system. Inversions can have a calming affect on the brain!

9. Relaxation – While some inversion poses help to energize, others work to calm the nervous system. Try shoulder stand or legs up the wall for a restorative feeling of balance.

10. Change Your Perspective – this is so empowering. Mix things up, once you see the world from a different angle, you are more open to see other situations, people and problems the very same way. There is always a new way of looking at things!

Now go get upside down!

Let Go of the Ego and Take Childs Pose


It’s ok to take breaks. It’s okay to stop and pause. It’s okay to take a child’s pose in your yoga practice.

Too often we get caught up in our ego. We need to push ourselves, keep going, succeeding. And while this is all good, sometimes we forget to stop and breathe. It’s funny how that works. Our idea of happiness is too always take the “most advanced version of the pose” or if we take a child’s pose that is considered giving up. Why does that have to be the case?

Why can’t we just take a break? A breather? A moment to pause and reflect. We all know life isn’t a competition, so why do we have to make our yoga practice one?

To tell you the truth, i was one of those students. I didn’t like taking a child’s pose because to me that meant i was weak. When i look back at it now i just laugh at myself and say you were crazy.

We need to stop trying to be the best at everything. Sure, maybe there are those days where we don’t need a childs pose. But i promise you if you just take one for a moment, this does not mean you are giving up. You are inviting more freedom to your practice. Rest is good. Reconnecting is even better. So take the damn child’s pose.

Remember these 3 things the next time you step onto your mat:

1. Taking Child’s Pose does not mean you are giving up.
2. Childs Pose is the perfect opportunity to reconnect, relax and come back to your breath.
3. Child’s Pose feels good. So who are we kidding?

No Bake – Nut Free – SunButter Balls

These are the easiest no-bake sun butter & oat balls you will ever make! They are a really good snack and nice to have for a pre workout! I am allergic to nuts, so for me to find a a nut-free Snack is sometimes challenging. Until I found SunButter!


Makes 6-8 Balls.

1/2 cup oats uncooked
2 tbsp honey (or maple syrup)
3 tbsp sun butter (or peanut butter)
1 tsp vanilla extract
Dash of sea salt (or salt)
Dash of cinnamon
As many dark chocolate chips as you like!
I like to add some raisins as well!


1. Add the oats, honey, sun butter, vanilla extract, salt and cinnamon into your bowl.
2. Stir it up!
3. Add in chocolate chips last. Then Raisins if you like.
Measure out and roll into a ball.
Place onto parchment paper and put in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

You can eat them right away – they are amazing. Or allow them to sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to allow the ingredients to stay together.