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How to Kick up to Handstand

This is a very basic tutorial of how to start kicking up to handstand from a beginner level. You can practice this at a wall. However, do your best to move away from the wall! The wall is a great tool to help if you have never tried kicking up, however, it allows us to “banana” are back which we want to do our best to NOT do.

Practice. Practice. Practice. If you are new to handstand, start a couple kicks at the wall then work your way to the middle of the room. With time and a dedicated practice you will improve on your air time and alignment. The goal is to get your hips to stack over your shoulders. Once they align, boom!, you are holding your handstand. Don’t give up!

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3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Now, this quote can relate to many areas of your life – but for me, of course I’m writing about yoga.

Not only does stepping outside your “comfort zone” allow you to grow, but it allows you to learn. Here are my 3 ways yoga can take you out of your comfort zone.

1. You inspire yourself. Yoga is just there to help you realize that.
You may surprise yourself when starting yoga. What i mean by this is physically what the body is capable of doing. Not necessarily right away, but throughout time, the more you practice, the more you are stretching out your joints, building strength and finding stability in your personal practice. Yoga helps you improve both your body and your mind. One of the greatest things about yoga is that it helps your step out of your comfort zone – it helps you to stretch the boundaries of your physical body. Allowing yourself to try new poses, asanas and variations, you are always growing.

2. Be Present and Be in the Moment.
Stress is something that effects all of us in our every day lives. Its very easy to let that take over. But on the positive side, sometimes stress pushes us forward, to keep moving. I often say that our strength is in our struggles. And yoga has helped me realize that. When we come into a challenging pose, something that is outside of the norm, outside of our comfort zone, we often step back into safety, right? But in yoga, when we come into something that is not comfortable we come back to our breath, focus, quiet the mind. Yoga helps to take over the poses that are “scary” and helps nourish our mind, body and soul.

3. If you keep learning and growing, there are great things waiting for you.
Yoga is one of those “feel-good” things. How often do you hear someone come out of a yoga class saying they feel worse then when they walked into the class? Never. Yoga allows you to study yourself, to learn more about what your body can do and what is capable of doing. The potential that lies within us is incredible. By practicing yoga, we build confidence, and while knowing our bodies limits and whats still safe for us to do, we can still push the limits and push the boundaries. Not only physically can you advance your practice, but mentally you become more present, more sure of yourself and more willing to grow and learn.

Remember, how can you grow if you stay in a place that feels safe? There is so much beauty that lies beyond what you’re afraid of. Let yoga help you get there.

3 Full Body Exercises

Here are 3 exercises (excluding variations) for Full Body Strength! Do each exercise for 30 seconds then repeat. Take breaks as needed.

Exercise #1. Downward dog to Squats
Start in Downward dog (upside down V position). Bend your knees and look forward. Hop each foot to the outside of your hands. Keep your butt Low, bend your knees as you rise up reach your arms. Then take your hands to the floor and hop back to downward dog.
Modification: Step instead of hop.

Exercise #2. Knee to Nose Combination
Start in Downward dog. Straighten your right leg up into the air. Draw it forward down the midline knee to nose. Then right away take it to the right tricep then the left tricep. Back up to 3 Legged dog. Repeat then switch sides. Every Inhale takes you to 3 legged dog, every Exhale takes you through each 3 stages.

Exercise #3. Wide Lunge Hops
Start in Downward Dog. Step your Right foot to the outside of your right hand. As you hop your right foot to the back of your mat, your left foot hops to the outside of your left hand. Switch.
Modification: Step instead of hop.

5 Reasons to Never Start Yoga

1. It will help your find your feelings
Yoga is all about self discovery and self awareness. Connecting to your breath, the body and mind. If you are someone who doesn’t like to know how you are feeling, then skip yoga.

2. It will ruin what you like to wear
If you are usually one who wears jeans, nice shirts etc, then yoga isn’t right for you. Say hello to having a closet filled with 100 pairs of yoga pants. This is now your every day look. I personally never thought I would be saying this.

3. You love all the negative energy and toxins in your body. You would be sad to see those go.
When we practice yoga, we ring out all the toxins, we burn calories, we sweat, we stretch and sculpt the body. If you like feeling tight and stiff, don’t practice yoga.

4. If you like to let your mind wander and you like stressing.
Caution: Yoga causes happiness. It focuses on your breathing, allowing you to be more relaxed. Practicing yoga boosts oxygen to the brain, leaving you feeling happier and more content with life.

5. If you don’t want to feel better about your every day life, then don’t practice yoga.

Yoga can change your life. So although in reference to this blog I should say I dare you to not start yoga. I dare you TO start yoga. Then let me know how much it didn’t change your life.

3 Transitions to Side Crow

1. Start in Chair Pose. Take your hands to your heart. Twist to the left to get your right tricep on your left thigh.
Take your hands onto the mat on the outside of the left foot. Keep the fingers facing the top of your mat.
Bend your Elbows, shift your weight placing the left thigh on your right tricep. Let the feet pick up off the floor.

2. Start in Chair Pose. Take your hands to your heart. Twist to the left to get your right tricep on your left thigh.
Take your hands over to the left but this time take your finger tips to face the left side of your mat. Twisting Fully .
Bend your Elbows, shift your weight placing the left thigh on your right tricep. Let the feet pick up off the floor.

3. Start in Tripod Headstand. Make your way down, bending your knees in towards your chest. Squeeze your thighs together then twist the knees over towards your right tricep.
Find a comfortable position . Shifting the weight into your hands. Slowly begin to pick your head up off the floor keeping your gaze forward.

How to do Crow Pose

1. Start in a squat. Take your arms shoulder distance apart. Firm your upper arms in.
2. Start to take the knees as high as you can to the backs of your arms. (Above the elbows)
3. Keep your gaze forward as your start to shift your weight into your hands.
4. Pull your belly in, round through the back.
5. Maybe one foot picks up off your mat, then maybe the other.
6. Draw your heels towards your butt.

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