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Break Down a Basic Class in 7 Videos!

What Is It?

This 7 Part Series I have created is perfect for the very basic beginner! Learn what a full Yoga Class looks like! Get your body moving and understand the proper sequencing of a basic yoga class!

Who can do it?

No Experience Required! Everyone is Welcome to do it. You don’t need to have any yoga experience. Poses can be adjusted and props can be added.

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Latest on the Blog

Confession: I’m a Yoga Teacher But…


There are things you may “assume” about me because I am a Teacher. However, I am just like you. Sure, I am a Yoga Teacher, but….

1. Even for me, Savasana can be challenging. Just because i’m a teacher doesn’t mean my mind is always quiet at the end of my practice. I’m a human. Just like you.

2. I get tired in power classes. Sometimes, I just need to rest, or “adjust”, move around while getting into a pose. Just because I teach yoga, doesn’t mean I don’t need breaks.

3. I am not a vegetarian. Now, truthfully, I don’’t enjoy eating meat, I wish I didn’t because I absolutely love animals. However, It’s just where I am in my life right now and boy do I love me some bacon and eggs.

4. I  don’t like to just teach. I like to attend other classes led by other instructors. Once you become a teacher its very easy to “lose” your personal practice. So I do my best as much as I can to always be led by someone else on the days I do not teach. 

5. I can’t do every pose. I once had someone tell me “Shouldn’t you be able to every yoga poses perfectly? You’re a yoga teacher”. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I had misheard her. People have this idea that if you are a teacher you should be able to do and teach every yoga pose, ever. It’s funny when I hear someone assume that. At the end of the day, I am human, my body is different then yours, of course I can’t do everything, often our bodies are not shaped to do some poses “correctly”.

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My New Obsession: Wheatgrass Shots


Talking Wheat Grass Shots

My mom introduced me to these frozen wheat grass shots from a local farm delivered to your door! I was hesitant at first – because it truly does smell like grass. But I tried it, and although it does taste like grass, I was instantly addicted.

The taste is clean and fresh, really the best I have ever had. I have two or three a day, and I can honestly say it has made a difference in how I feel.

Did you know Wheatgrass juice is literally condensed sunlight energy. It is one of the most potent forms of nutrition on the planet. – Steve “Sproutman Meyerowitz”, Wheatgrass Advocate

Now there are many many reasons on why Wheatgrass is great for you. But here are a few of the benefits:

1. Wheatgrass is one of the best sources of chlorophyll, the best way to get it is if its coming from a living plant.
2. Wheatgrass is a natural healer for the body. Chlorophyll is antibacterial.
3. Purify the Liver
4. Neutralizes toxins
5. Increases red blood cell count

Why I love the Company Dynamic Greens

– Beyond Organic and Field Grown with Non-GMO Seed
– Vaccum Packed
– Gluten Free
– Zero Pesticides

and finally, quick and easy!!

They come in frozen packs, all you do is open one up, pop in in a shot glass and add a touch of water. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes then enjoy!

I really hope you enjoy this product as much as I do. Here is the link to purchase yours: Purchase my Dynamic Greens!

Please comment below and let me know what you think!

4 Poses to Reduce Stress

Here are 4 yoga poses to reduce stress. You’ll want to be sure you are warmed up before you immediately come into these poses. Please note – this is not a sequence, just 4 poses to come into when you are feeling stressed. 

1. Childs Pose – The ‘resting’ pose. Very calming, grounding, rooting. Add this to every single one of your yoga practices. This pose is really good for your hips, knees and back. We carry a lot of stress in the hips – so take a childs pose in the middle of your work day to find some stillness. 

2. Chest Stretch – Similar to child’s pose where it opens up your hips (a place that carries a lot of stress). Start in table position on hands and knees, As you lift one leg up and bend at the knee, reach back with your opposite hand. This pose also allows you to find balance, which helps you become present.

3. Side Plank – Planks strengthen your core which can reduce back pain. Planks also require you to focus and find your balance. Planks allow certain muscle groups to relax, this tension release allows you to improve your mood. 

4. Handstand  – While Inversions scare a lot of people, there really are a ton of benefits. Handstands are a well-known pose to elevate your mood. By bringing blood to the head you can often reduce headaches, stress, and anxiety. The one reason I love handstand is because it is so calming. For that one moment in time, the mind and become still and quiet. If you are not familiar with handstand, practice kicking up facing the wall or watch my tutorial here: Handstand Tutorial 101

15 Minute Beginner Yoga for Strength

This video is great for beginners! All levels can practice this sequence. It is a great short class for those who also have a regular yoga practice. This class is great to either ease into your day or if you have just 15 minutes to spare and need your yoga!

Equipment: Mat.
Optional Props: Blocks/Books



My Favourite Finds: January

I’m starting a “Favourite Finds” Blog Post that I will share once or twice a month. These items and products are what I am currently loving and have either purchased for myself or received as a gift.

  1. Adult Colouring Book – in specific: My Magical Oasis. Adult colouring books are a new trend and are actually really good for you. Colouring books for adults allows you to relax your mind, reduce stress and one of my favourite reasons; allows your brain to focus. If you haven’t bought your own colouring book – I definitely recommend going to get one!
  1. 365 Thoughts on the Path of Buddha. For those of you who don’t know me well, I am obsessed and in love with Quotes. I received this book from my mom this past Christmas and I love it. Each day reads a new quote. Combining Buddhist words of wisdom with beautiful images, this book will accompany and inspire readers as they go forth on their daily spiritual journey.
  1. Sage Natural Wellness Transition Mist. An all-natural body mist for a calming breath of euphoria, grounded in bliss. So nice for spraying in front of your face before going to practice.
  1. Alo Yoga – A Yogi Inspire Fashion Company based out of California. This is hands down the best pair of leggings I have ever bought. I absolutely love their material, you can sweat comfortably in them and you can move with ease. I would recommend this company to any yogi who is looking for a comfortable, fitted, breathable pair of leggings!

Please Comment Below if theres anything of your favourite things I should know about!

4 Secrets to Better Arm Balances

1.Improve Wrist Strength and Flexibility and Learn Core Awareness

If you find your wrists are tight and sore, this will be harder for you to achieve success in your arm balances. Now, of course the wrists are not built to hold us up, but the key is if you train your wrists to hold your weight, and work on strength and flexibility then the wrists will become strong.


  • Always spread through your fingers and root down through your hands.
  • Make a “shelf” with your arms – this is one of the most important factors – it will allow you to lift off the floor.
  • Gaze forward always.
  • Make sure you always stretch your wrists before a class or before an inversion practice. The Secret is to practice.

2. Learn How to Transfer Your Weight 

Have the weight more so in the fingertips. When the weight is in the palm of your hands, you can fall real easily. Grip the mat with your fingers and let the knuckles come up this will help you find more of a balance point and let you have more control.

3. Get over the Fear

We have a fear of falling on our face, or hurting ourself. But this is how we learn. You must try if you want to get better. Mental Discipline is a big part of the arm balance as well, and learning to fail. Another key to learning arm balances, is learning to be okay with falling. Just explore, practice, try and try again. That is how you will grow.

4. Be Patient and Practice

You have to give yourself time. Wrist Flexion is a huge part of balancing on your hands. The more you practice the more strength you will build in your wrists!

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